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Nov 16, 2019 - COR-NTD Research Dataverse
Kebede, Amha; Sime, Heven, 2019, "Development of novel survey methodology for remapping LF in low-prevalence areas (Phases 1 & 2)",, UNC Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:FhO2+yoB6Wrvd+VTy/kkxw== [fileUNF]
Research Objectives: 1)Demonstrate the utility of a new mapping strategy based on school cluster random sampling Using PPES. 2)Assess the value of laboratory-based antibody assays as confirmatory tests and additional diagnostic tools for measuring LF transmission.
Nov 16, 2019 - COR-NTD Research Dataverse
Mwingira, Upendo; Chikawe, Maria , 2019, "TAS Strengthening in Tanzania",, UNC Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:48/q8cqrTwOFc+KtH7EhRQ== [fileUNF]
Research Objectives: 1)To test the sensitivity of the Transmission Assessment Survey (TAS) for detecting evidence of recent lymphatic filariasis transmission in an evaluation unit (EU). 2) To determine if the TAS can be used to identify micro-foci of transmission at the census en...
Nov 16, 2019 - COR-NTD Research Dataverse
Mkwanda, Square, 2019, "Alternative Approaches to Coverage Surveys",, UNC Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:5N9rOPV8hDDFegeN4IY4oA== [fileUNF]
Research Objectives: 1)To compare the feasibility of 3 different coverage survey methodologies. 2) To assess drug coverage, relative to WHO thresholds, and validate the reporting system.
COR-NTD Research Dataverse(Coalition for Operational Research on Neglected Tropical Diseases)
Nov 16, 2019
This is a repository for operational research on NTDs. The Coalition for Operational Research on Neglected Tropical Diseases is funded at The Task Force for Global Health primarily by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, by the United States Agency for International Development t...
Nov 14, 2019 - State Politics & Policy Quarterly Dataverse
Reuning, Kevin, 2019, "Replication Data for: Mapping Influence: Partisan Networks Across the United States, 2000 to 2016",, UNC Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:J9LNFrDW5nOeanmYf1CxVA== [fileUNF]
The parties as networks approach has become a critical component of understanding American political parties. Research on it has so far mainly focused on variation in the placement of candidates within a network at the national level. This is impart due to a lack of data on state...
Nov 12, 2019 - State Politics & Policy Quarterly Dataverse
Rhinehart, Sarina; Geras, Matthew J., 2019, "Replication Data for: Diversity and Power: Selection Method and Its Impacts on State Executive Descriptive Representation",, UNC Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:n97y5NH/mpophdA5/8JCuA== [fileUNF]
This paper explores diversity within top leadership positions in state governments, specifically, the role that position selection method plays in promoting the inclusion of racial and ethnic minorities into positions of power. We hypothesize that minorities will be more likely t...
Nov 5, 2019 - The Love Consortium Dataverse
Armentano, Lucylle; Hay, Aleena; Clark, Margaret, 2019, "Yale Emotions in Romantic Relationships Video Study, 2016",, UNC Dataverse, V1
82 romantic dyads (164 individuals; 85 women) participated in a two part study designed to examine emotional experience and expression in romantic relationships within everyday, naturalistic emotional conversations. The primary aim of the study is to better understand a number of...
Nov 5, 2019 - The Love Consortium Dataverse
Le, Bonnie; Impett, Emily, 2019, "Triadic Family Study, 2017",, UNC Dataverse, V1
The current study includes 178 triads. Specifically, first-year university students and both of their parents were recruited to participate in a cross-sectional study examining parenting goals, emotion regulation, and well-being. Most of the first-year students who recruited live...
Nov 2, 2019 - The Love Consortium Dataverse
Sweeny, Kate, 2019, "The Experience of Awaiting Bar Exam Results (2016)",, UNC Dataverse, V1
See OSF page: 125 law graduates took online survey's before the CA bar exam, every two weeks while waiting for the results, and right after getting their results. Assessed experiences waiting for stressful news. Surveys for emotion regulation, coping, adult...
Nov 1, 2019 - The Love Consortium Dataverse
Righetti, Francesca, 2019, "Sacrifice Study, 2013",, UNC Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:BsUgiuZD7m+EhkGLR9C7yw== [fileUNF]
130 romantic couples (N 260) from Amsterdam and surrounding, Netherlands. All participants were required to speak Dutch. Couples could participate in the study if they were together for longer than 4 months, if they had no children, and if they had a smartphone (for the experienc...
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UNC Dataverse will upgrade to version 4.16 on Tuesday, January 21st

service may come and go until the upgrade is complete.