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Nov 10, 2016 - Harvard Dataverse
Becker, Kara; Khan, Sameer ud Dowla; Zimman, Lal, 2016, "Reed Linguistics Gender and Language Project",, Harvard Dataverse
This study explores the relationship between gender identity and the use of creaky voice (a non-modal phonation commonly referred to as "vocal fry.") While early research suggested that men were more likely to use creaky voice, more recently its use has been associated with the l...
Nov 10, 2016 - Harvard Dataverse
Sandor, Manette E. and Chazdon, Robin L., 2016, "Remnant trees affect species composition but not structure of tropical second-growth forest",, Harvard Dataverse
Remnant trees, spared from cutting when tropical forests are cleared for agriculture or grazing, act as nuclei of forest regeneration following field abandonment. Previous studies on remnant trees were primarily conducted in active pasture or old fields abandoned in the previous...
Nov 10, 2016 - Harvard Dataverse
Madhan M; Siva Shankar K, 2015, "Scientometric Mapping of World Chickpea Research Publications",, Harvard Dataverse
Chickpea research publications published during 2001-2010. Data collected from Web of Science – Science Citation Index and CAB Abstracts. Prepared bibliometric tables on different distributions viz. year wise no. of papers and citations, journals used by chickpea researchers, jou...
Nov 10, 2016 - Harvard Dataverse
OAG Aviation Worldwide LLC, 2015, "OAG Yearly Historic Flight Schedules",, Harvard Dataverse
Projections of commercial airline flight schedules worldwide. Describe characteristics of each flight such as: departure and arrival airports, flight times, carrier, fares, capacity, and more. Projections are made at the beginning of every time period (month or year) and project...
Nov 10, 2016 - Harvard Dataverse
Logan Vidal, 2013, "ANES data coding",, Harvard Dataverse
The newest dataset has recoded values for presidential vote as well as folded binary Independent variables for partisan affiliation. Feel free to email me if you have any questions regarding the coding of the new variables.
Nov 10, 2016 - Harvard Dataverse
Benjamin Smith, 2015, "Replication data for: Separatist Conflict in the Former Soviet Union and Beyond: How Different Was Communism?",, Harvard Dataverse
Recent research on separatist nationalism has focused on the most common location of new states in the international system—the postcommunist world. While providing the largest number of cases for exploration, the arguably unique features of the Soviet system may have effects t...
Nov 10, 2016 - Harvard Dataverse
Araujo, Gustavo Cunha de, 2016, "IN DIALOGUE WITH THE VISUAL LANGUAJE COMICS IN THE CLASSROOM",, Harvard Dataverse
The objective of this scientific paper is to present the main specific terms of the visual language of comics. By means of literature that supports the research, analyzed the theories that underlie this study, in line with workshops on the creation and production of these stories...
Nov 10, 2016 - Harvard Dataverse
Araujo, Gustavo Cunha, 2016, "About image reading methods in the art education contemporary",, Harvard Dataverse
The essay analyzes the methods of image reading of the theoreticians in art/education Edmund Feldman, Robert Ott, Michael Parsons and Abigail Housen, because we believe they are the pioneers in research on teaching reading in the image of contemporary art. Methodology uses as the...
Nov 10, 2016 - Harvard Dataverse
Wise, John; Turk, Matthew; Abel, Tom; Smith, Britton, 2013, "SG256RP Data",, Harvard Dataverse
These files contain analyzed data from a cosmological simulation of early galaxy formation from approximately 50 different timesteps that span from 200 to 750 million years after the Big Bang. This simulation included the effects of radiation pressure, which may aid in regulating...
Nov 10, 2016 - Harvard Dataverse
Snyder, Gregory; Hayward, Christopher; Sajina, Anna; Jonsson, Patrik; Cox, Thomas; Hernquist, Lars; Hopkins, Philip; Yan, Lin, 2013, "Replication data for: Modeling Mid-Infrared Diagnostics of Obscured Quasars and Starbursts",, Harvard Dataverse
This study contains simulated spectral energy distributions and derived quantities, such as mid-infrared diagnostics and star formation rates and SMBH accretion rates, from a sample of high-resolution hydrodynamical galaxy merger simulations presented by Snyder et al. 2013, ApJ,...
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UNC Dataverse will upgrade to version 4.16 on Tuesday, January 21st

service may come and go until the upgrade is complete.