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The Love Consortium Dataverse (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
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The Love Consortium is a digitally-connected community of researchers engaged in the advanced scientific study of high-quality social connections. The Love Consortium members aspire to facilitate such research through collaborative opportunities that emerge from archived data.

This project was initiated with the support of the John Templeton Foundation.
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Nov 1, 2019 - Sacrifice Study, 2013
Tab-Delimited - 7.9 KB - MD5: d57321dc9cbd56d94992822e4cb0216c
Tab-Delimited - 4.2 KB - MD5: 4cd663b2af181ad0bfcb6b806ce2b017
Adobe PDF - 84.2 KB - MD5: d639d1524c74d9207ebf6bca37f19c82
Tab-Delimited - 195 B - MD5: d76d07cef163fd03a187fbc223f0ebdb
List of measures included in each study phase
Tab-Delimited - 3.6 KB - MD5: 7664438f0f9b5329ed3c1d8746cbb35b
List of available questions across samples.
Adobe PDF - 311.2 KB - MD5: 4babaf52c60d6cef5165d062e53f5352
Rusbult Templeton Dataset List of Measures
Adobe PDF - 283.8 KB - MD5: b2d5203e52f34cc7b97aed0044895ada
Rusbult Templeton Forgiveness and Michelangelo Longitudinal Dataset List of Publications Oct 2019
Adobe PDF - 285.1 KB - MD5: 65aacf39fc617ccc25d2d357c13fa999
Rusbult NSF dataset list of measures and demographic info
Adobe PDF - 283.4 KB - MD5: 3d6c24e1c477e65d3ba45b91dc90af9d
Rusbult NSF Dataset List of Publications as of October 2019
Adobe PDF - 35.4 KB - MD5: 645a773c403865659f604cf7b6d382d4
Detailed description of methods and measures
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