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Nov 1, 2019
Gere, Judith, 2019, "Romantic Couples - Goals Diary Study, 2012",, UNC Dataverse, V1
Data come from 73 romantic couples (146 people), mainly student population (mean age early 20s) who completed an intake session, 10 daily reports that were completed only on days partners spent time together, and an exit session. Data was collected in Toronto, Canada and is ethni...
Nov 1, 2019
Gere, Judith, 2019, "Online Diary Data of Couples' Health Behaviors, 2017",, UNC Dataverse, V1
Data were collected from 114 couples (228 people) from the community (average age 32 years) who completed an intake session and 14 daily diaries. All questionnaires were completed online, data were collected in the USA in multiple locations. Intake questionnaires: Demographics an...
Oct 31, 2019
Clark, Margaret, 2019, "CMU Marriage Study, 1997",, UNC Dataverse, V1
Participants: The sample includes 108 couple (216 individuals) who were initially enrolled 3-4 weeks prior to their marriage and were followed thereafter. All participants had to be under 35 and this had to be their first marriage. 1 male did not follow protocol and was 38 at the...
Oct 31, 2019
Cachia, Julie; Tsai, Jeanne; Uchida, Yukiko, 2019, "Cross-Cultural Ideal Love Study, 2019",, UNC Dataverse, V1
104 European Americans (71% female, mean age of 24.90, SD = 4.16) recruited via Stanford University's Paid Pool and 125 Japanese (39% female, mean age of 20.86, SD = 2.10) recruited via Kyoto University. Dataset included both partnered and single participants (38% of European Ame...
Oct 31, 2019
Peters, Brett; Reis, Harry; Jamieson, J., 2019, "Examining the Physiological, Cognitive, and Physiological Effects of Capitalizing on Good News that is Relationship Threatening, 2016",, UNC Dataverse, V1
112 dyads. Mostly undergraduate students recruited from the University of Rochester, NY, USA. Generally, dyads came to the lab, completed baseline self-report measures, affixed to physiological sensors that measured cardiovascular reactivity (heart rate, blood pressure, pre-eject...
Oct 31, 2019
Schoebi, Dominik, 2019, "Fribourg Family Dynamics and Affect Regulation Project, 2012",, UNC Dataverse, V1
The data of 103 dual-earner couples with pre-school or primary school children. This dataset can be used to examine the romantic relationships of married couples with young children. The study involved a momentary assessment part, with 4 assessments per day, a baseline questionna...
Oct 31, 2019
Rafaeli, Eshkol, 2019, "BIU Transition to Parenthood Study, 2019",, UNC Dataverse, V1, UNF:6:5uldwszcO7zpauN3O8vzug== [fileUNF]
The Transition-to-Parenthood (TTP) study involves multiple waves of dyadic data collection with a sample of first-time parents, starting in the 3rd trimester of pregnancy with a single expected child, and continuing through 2 years post-partum. Eligibility: Cohabitation for 12 mo...
Oct 31, 2019
Le, Bonnie; Impett, Emily, 2019, "Toronto Couples Study, 2017",, UNC Dataverse, V1
This dataset was collected at the University of Toronto between 2015-2017. Romantic couples from the community participated in a four-part study. To be eligible, couples were required to be in a relationship for at least 3 years. A total of 111 couples completed the study. The fo...
Oct 31, 2019
Debrot, Anik, 2019, "Touch and Attachment, 2016",, UNC Dataverse, V1
For this cross-sectional study, we recruited participants through Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. Participants had to be at least 21 years old and currently in a romantic relationship for at least six months. The sample comprises 1,604 participants (801 men; 798 women, three transgende...
Oct 31, 2019
Debrot, Anik; Klumb, Petra L., 2019, "Dyadic Touch Study, 2015",, UNC Dataverse, V1
Participants We recruited participants by giving a short presentation in several well-attended University classes (first year med school, law, etc.), by posting ads and posters and by sending emails to several colleges. To participate: a) the participants had to be in romantic he...
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